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We would like to extend a very special thank you to our partners.

Without your support, this project would not be possible.

Warren Fronte, Fronte Crane Service, Inc.

Warren FronteWe especially thank Warren Fronte for all his help in this project. Warren is owner of Fronte Crane Service, Inc.. Warren has offered his talent and advice as well as the barge to float the gator on and the crane which operates the gator’s mouth. Warren’s talented crew will operate the crane and navigate the barge.
Only with Warren’s dedication to and vision for the ‘Gator in the Bay’ could this project be possible.

Vern Nix, V & M Erectors, Inc.

Vern NixA special thanks goes out to Vern Nix for his help and exptertise. Vern Nix is owner of V & M Erectors, Inc..
V & M Erectors, Inc. has donated all the steel for the ‘Gator in the Bay’ project. V & M Erectors’ highly talented crew dedicated hundreds of hours to building the massive gator head and providing land transportation for the gator.
Without Vern Nix’s support and effort, this project would not have been possible.