Gator in the Bay – Mission Statement

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As a project, the mission of the Gator in the Bay is to use the media attention by directing the public toward an educational event that raises awareness about issues impacting the Florida Everglades and South Florida.

The educational event benefits from the media attention grabbed by the massive 280-foot alligator, which acts as a symbol of both the Florida Everglades and the awareness-raising effort. The family-friendly environment presents visitors and organizations working to maintain and improve the health of the Florida Everglades with the opportunity to share their message with guests of all ages. When the 90-foot long head of the Gator in the Bay first appeared at Miami Art Basel in 2012, the Gator in the Bay was featured on the front page of more than 30 foreign newspapers.

The Gator in the Bay artist Lloyd Goradesky was interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, Fox News, Yahoo News, Discovery Channel, the Huffington Post, the Examiner, the Sun Sentinel, and the Miami Herald. The addition of the 180-foot body of the alligator is sure to grab your attention. The purpose of the Gator in the Bay Project is to raise awareness for the Florida Everglades.  The purpose of the Gator in the Bay Art  is to show that cooperation can occur between industry and nature since it is an alligator resting on a barge.