Florida Everglades Awareness

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We need the Everglades to survive. Canals and levees capture and divert its water for human needs, including our drinking water, irrigation, and flood control. Today 50% of south Florida’s original wetland areas no longer exist. The numbers of wading birds, such as egrets, herons, and ibises, have been reduced by 90%. Entire populations of animals including the manatee and the Florida panther are at risk of disappearing.

3 Reasons for Saving the Florida Everglades

1) In the State of Florida, the entire water flow begins in the northern part of the State. Lake Okeechobee is a central collection point for fresh water. The filtering process begins as the water leaves Lake Okeechobee and journeys southward. This water flow is part of the filtering process of our fresh water before it leaves our mainland and enters into our oceans. The water flow of the everglades filters the water we drink in south Florida and prevents pollutants from further contaminating our waterways.

2) The outer edges of our coast are natural fish estuaries that hatch our game fish and put food on our tables. When the shallow shores meet the fresh water it creates the perfect balance allowing safe refuge for fish to breed increasing their  chances for survival in the predatory ocean.

3) It is home to plants and nature that we are still trying to understand – 99% of all medications begin with the science of plants and nature. The Everglades is home to species of animals and nature that are predominantly found only in Florida’s Everglades.