Artist Bio

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Lloyd Goradesky uses the Power of Art to bring awareness to our natural surroundings.  “The best way to educate the public is when they are viewing art and when they least expect a learning lesson.” Goradesky’s art extends from multi-media designs to complex photographic creations.  His artistic goal is to grab the viewer’s attention with a 280-foot photo-mosaic alligator swimming through and resting in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. His personal goal is to create the world’s largest assembled photograph.  It is this exploration in how to create archival art that has lead to developing SCALGio™.

After years of inventing and experimenting with various printing media, Goradesky created SCALGio™ to apply images on unique media to create archival museum quality art. His proprietary printing techniques bring extreme vibrant colors to his art. Goradesky combines technical skills with unusual printing techniques that are unique to the art world.

“When most photographers consider their photographic effort to end with the click of their camera, my creative process is just beginning. It is how the photograph is developed and then used that begins the artistic process for me. I began this exploration process by running large banana leafs and various cloth material through a printer.”  Goradesky focuses on printing on anything but paper. Goradesky’s art uses unique materials that would normally not be found in any print lab or artist’s studio.

Goradesky’s last exhibit and exploration into art was a study of abstract design in nature.  His exhibit ‘Rainbow Clouds’ are photographic images that allow for the rotation of the image. There is always a high level of intelligence in his art.  ‘Rainbow Clouds’ is a photographic example of the refraction and diffraction of sunlight. In general, images are not meant to be rotated and still have interpretive meaning.  The collection of images in ‘Rainbow Clouds’ are beautiful vibrant colors similar to those created by a prism but when rotated become landscapes and oceanscapes.

The latest artistic invention, Floating Tile Art™, is an example of a new medium in art developed by Goradesky. Goradesky uses the SCALGio™ process to print on highly buoyant boards that can be displayed on water.

Goradesky’s current project, The Floating Tile Art: ’Gator in the Bay’™, is being compared to Christo’s ‘Surrounded Islands,’ the wrapping of Miami Beach islands with pink material that simulate the blooming of flowers. The Floating Tile Art: ’Gator in the Bay’™, a 280-foot alligator with a skeletal steel head the size of a three-story building mounted on a barge and body made of 104 individual 4-ft by 8-ft tiles assembled together creating a large photo mosaic that drives media attention to an educational effort that raises awareness about pressing issues in the Florida Everglades.