40-ton gator spotted in Punta Gorda

The alligator rambled through our streets as if it belonged there. Don’t they all? But let’s be grateful that not every gator — or a portion thereof — weighs several tons. On Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 24-25, the largest alligator head ever constructed took its final land tour through Punta Gorda, Fort Myers and Naples. [&hellip


The alligator head is built on a self-propelled barge. Each Floating Tile Art (rectangle) is 8 feet by 4 feet. 102 Tiles creating a photo mosaic using 6,528 images that will become a 230 foot Gator

The Complexity of the Photo Mosaic in Floating Tile Art: ‘Gator in the Bay’

What is a photo mosaic? In the field of photographic imaging, a photo mosaic is usually a photograph that has been divided into rectangular sections, usually of equal size, and each section is replaced with another photograph that matches the primary image. When viewed from a distance, the individual small images appear as pixels that [&hellip